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Tips for International Student Ministry

Learn some basic tips on how to have a successful ministry to international college students.
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Ideas To Connect With Internationals

Get some basic ideas on how to connect with international students with this guide.
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International Friendship Family Guide

In our churches we often hear about missionaries who go to far away places. However, one of the greatest opportunities to reach the nations with th…
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International Student Ministry Handbook

The International Student Ministry Handbook is a small attempt to decipher this paradox of difference. By providing you with the necessary tools to…
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World Religion Summary

Learn more about the basic history, beliefs, and tenant of the the religions around the world with this helpful PDF.
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Islam In Brief

Islam today is one of the fastest growing religions in the United States. Learn more about it’s beliefs by viewing the attached PDF.
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Islam: Understanding Muslims

This slide deck is designed to help someone understand the differences between Christianity and Islam.
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