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Phoenix Collective

About the Diaspora in Phoenix

Exciting times are unfolding in Phoenix. Back in 2012, the Valley of the Sun boasted a population of around 4.2 million. Fast forward to today, and the Phoenix metropolitan area has surged past the 5 million mark, welcoming over 800,000 new residents, as revealed by the latest 2022 data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Embedded within this growth is a notable rise in the foreign-born community. As of 2022, a striking 19.3% of the city of Phoenix’s population (amounting to 306,000 individuals) hails from outside the United States, surpassing the national average of 13.6%. Over the last 30 years, thas been a 230% in the population of immigrants with close to 916,000 immigrants calling Arizona home, a stark contrast to the 278,000 recorded in 1990.

Latin American immigrants constitute the majority, comprising 62% of Arizona’s immigrant population, compared to 50% nationally, according to Census Bureau data. Meanwhile, approximately 20% of immigrants in Arizona originate from Asian countries, particularly India, China, and Korea. The state has also seen thousands of refugees resettled here over the last few years.

Our desire is to connect with you and introduce you to our diverse community of pastors, ministry leaders, and missional practitioners. We would love to have you be part of our Collective. Help us confront the lostness here in the Phoenix Metro Area and see gospel saturation happen in our city.

Upcoming Interest Gathering

The aim of this initial gathering is to discuss the state and needs of the diaspora in Phoenix. Ultimately, our desire is to see diaspora people reached, leaders trained, and churches planted among the foreign-born population in the Valley.

Monday, April 8th 11:00am-2:00pm

at the AZ Mission Network

The Diaspora Missions Collective is a new, cooperative initiative designed to equip Southern Baptist churches in their awareness, understanding, and engagement of diaspora peoples as they embrace their responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission both locally and globally.

This initial gathering is designed to pray, share, and collaborate on reaching the nations in our city. This Collective would be a gathering of local pastors, association, and ministry leaders as well as others who are burdened to engage the spiritual needs of the unreached among the foreign-born populations in Phoenix.