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Ministry Centers

The Diaspora Missions Collective works closely with Send Relief Ministry Centers in key cities. As our network of Collectives expands, we will partner with Send Relief Centers wherever possible. This will enable us to minister to the various needs of diaspora people – especially the forcibly displaced.

Atlanta Ministry Center

Known for its diverse population, Atlanta is the home to a Send Relief center that focuses on caring for refugees through education programs, employment assistance and building relationships.

Boston Ministry Center

Send Relief’s Boston ministry center has a threefold focus: offering tailored resources to partnering organizations and church plants, serving as a place of refreshment and renewal to seasoned ministry leaders and restoring relationships through fostering cross-cultural relationships.

Chicago Ministry Center

Home to nearly 3 million people and a popular tourist site for millions more, Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States. On the west side of Chicago, where most of the city’s gang-related violence takes place, Send Relief’s ministry center was established in 2021 to meet the growing spiritual needs of this metropolis.

Denver Ministry Center

Located in the urban core of Denver, this Send Relief ministry center is focused on strengthening communities and providing support services to families experiencing poverty.

Laredo Ministry Center

A quiet desert city, Laredo beautifully blends the values of its Mexican and American residents to create the town’s distinctive feel. Send Relief is committed to bringing the love of Jesus to every resident of this former Rio Grande Republic.

Las Vegas Ministry Center

A shiny city on the outside, Las Vegas is actually home to some of the darkest and most disturbing human trafficking in the nation. Through local partners, Send Relief is helping local survivors heal.

Los Angeles Ministry Center

The Los Angeles ministry center is focused on poverty alleviation in partnership with churches through homelessness and human trafficking prevention.

Memphis Ministry Center

There are deep, generational wounds in the hearts of families and communities in Memphis. Send Relief’s ministry center is striving to see those broken relationships reconciled and made well in Christ through soul transformation.

New York Ministry Center

With nearly 80,000 people experiencing homelessness in New York City, the need for physical assistance is pressing. Send Relief partners with Graffiti 2 Ministries to provide job training, tutoring and food assistance through the ministry center.